The Ancestors are the root system of our lives.

What do you know about your roots?

Do your roots have solid and unbroken branches to support you on your journey towards expansion?

Or are there weak areas that need tending to, and perhaps need compassion and witness? 

Ancestor and lineage healings are a mix of intuitively channeled healing directly from the guides, energy medicine, earth-based healing processes, Depth Hypnosis methods, and several approaches inspired by the work of Daniel Foor, Phd.

The power of my individual channeling vessel, combined with a blend of these other ancient healing methods, allows for potent sessions that can heal any one (or all) of your lineage lines in their entirety.


  • Sessions May Include:

    • Discovering what remains un-healed in your Ancestral shadow & healing inter-generational trauma

    • Womb space healing and clearing when working with a matrilineal lineage.

    • Retrieving initiations, spiritual gifts and healing wisdom from your most powerful ancestors

    • Can often extend into healing collective cultural and/or soul-group trauma

    • Healing for your ancestor's land/earth place where trauma or violence occurred

    • Healing of patterns of sexual abuse in an ancestral line or lineage



very powerful energies

“This week has been the epitome of spiralic.... moments of deep grief still flowing through, moments of elation, connection, anger, clarity, clearing and all the feels... My elevated Ancestor Guide is showing up for me and I too am grateful for Her--She is ever revealing Herself to be connected to the Primordial Womb: The Primal Energy of Birth, Initiation and Motherhood--very power full energies.”

-Christine M. (one week after first session)


getting to know my own frequency and what it is that I WANT to do in this lifetime

“The affects are still so potent for me as I finally have what feels like energetic silence! It has been quite remarkable and peace filled...I am getting to know my own frequency and what it is that I WANT to do in this lifetime...what excites ME...quite revolutionary.”

- Christine M.  (two weeks after first session)



“I cannot overstate how crucial this knowledge is to my life and to the choices I’m currently making around my own personal healing process”

"My session with Rhiannon was a radical, eye-opening experience. She was exactly the right person to help me to begin peeling back the layers of my family’s somewhat mysterious ancestral inheritance. I felt very safe in this process, which was essential as a lot of intense emotions and buried material came up. This was the first time I would say that hypnosis has ‘worked’ for me, and I think that’s largely due to Rhiannon’s enormous energetic power and soothing presence, palpable even over a long-distance phone call.

The material that we uncovered together is still resonating with me a month later. I cannot overstate how crucial this knowledge is to my life and to the choices I’m currently making around my own personal healing process.

I feel that a burden has been lifted, and I have incredible insight into why it is I have been blocked for so long. I have previously had the sense that the issues that I deal are in some ways a gift, but now I understand that I am healing these patterns for my familial line, not purely for individualistic reasons; and anytime I feel a little lost I can remind myself that I am supported by my ancestors.

They have given this to me because I am the right person to heal it. It has awakened great compassion both for them and for myself, and activated a feeling of belonging which I have not previously experienced in my life – and have always felt was missing.

Rhiannon works with shamanic ritual respectfully and with full acknowledgement of
her own ancestral background. I am now feeling a lot more capable around actualising my dreams,
allowing myself to step into my own spiritual leadership, and letting my light shine in this world – all
of which can seem almost impossible when one is operating with an unaddressed wound.

In short, my session with Rhiannon was life-shifting, and continues to shine a guiding star on my personal path to healing."

-Justine, London UK