Healing and Integrating Stressful early CHILDHOOD MEMORIES

My methods allow you to access memories anywhere in infancy and childhood. The first 1 - 5 years of your life are when your core beliefs are patterned and structured. Many of us do not remember this part of our life very well and therefore have a hard time investigating where a limiting belief, or blockage, stems from. With my methods you are able to find the original root of a blockage, and heal it at its source, which has profound effects on what is currently manifesting in your life.

Core Wounding & Trauma

Past un-healed, and un-integrated moments of trauma, tension, and core-wounding often cause problems in the present moment and in our current relationships. Un-integrated experiences may cause a wide variety of issues, and blockages, ranging from anxiety, depression, low-energy, health problems, obsessive thoughts, negative emotions, an inability to manifest what we want from life, low self-worth, dysfunctional relationships, + much more. 

The powerful thing about the processes I use is that we are not limited to only healing what is known by the conscious mind. My processes will take you much deeper, so that you can find the actual ROOT of the problem, as opposed to just slapping a band-aid on a symptom. With these methods my clients find long-lasting healing relief, and opportunities for profound transformation.   

re-patterning + Reprogramming LIMITING Core-beliefs

An important aspect of my work in healing trauma, and stressful events is re-imprinting limiting core beliefs that were formed in response to the experiences. By re-programming these beliefs you are able to align with your inner truth instead of self-limiting conditioning. This shifts the quality of your relationships and expands your ability to manifest happiness, abundance, and joy in your life.   


Sessions will journey into past-lives if that is where the original root of an issue, or blockage began. By healing the issue as far back as the past-life this heals the karmic thread into your current lifetime. This has a transformative effect on what you are currently experiencing in this lifetime. For more info on the profound healing effects of this type of healing you can refer to the classic book, Many Lives, Many Masters, by Brian Weiss. 

Releasing ANCESTRAL PATTERNS // Inter-generational TRAUMA

I work with my clients to heal inherited old family patterns. You may find that you react in ways that can confuse you at times, or that it feels as though some heavy family stuff has been passed on for you to clear. With my methods you can clear ancestral patterns, and trauma, that has been repeating in your lineage line for generation upon generation. There is no limit to how far back in your ancestral line we can go back to find the original root of a family pattern, and heal it at the root. 

Pre-Birth experiences // RESOLVING BIRTH TRAUMA

Your womb experience and birth experience has had an influence on shaping your life. With this work you are able to free yourself from any inherited patterns, emotional pain, fears and unresolved issues that you may have acquired during gestation that were imprinted by your mother's emotional life, and state of mind while she was pregnant. 

We are also able to clear any trauma or fears relating to your birth experience. How babies are welcomed creates the foundation for their sense of safety, self-worth and belonging. This work is especially beneficial for women who are embarking on their own journey into motherhood. It sets the foundation for a positive birth experience for the birth of your own baby, as any blockages and fears around the birth process that may have been carried over from your own birth/womb experience can be cleared.


“Whenever we experience trauma, a part of our vital essence separates from us in order to survive the experience by escaping the full impact of the pain.” - Sandra Ingerman

Soul Retrieval and Power Retrieval are both core practices I utilize in sessions to assist my clients to regain lost power and come into greater and greater wholeness of self. These are ancient earth-based techniques that have been practiced for thousands of years. The effects are profound and deeply healing. 


Any energy that is not your own authentic self-energy is what is referred to in this work as Energetic Interference. Other healing traditions may refer to this type of healing process as “extraction” or “spirit intrusions”.  This process removes energetic baggage that does not belong to us. This may be caused by negative thought forms that we have taken into our bodies in response to hurt, or a projection from someone else. This also may be caused by damage to the energetic system due to trauma, or a high-stress event. Spiritual intrusions drain your energy, and interfere with you aligning with your own truth. My process is gentle and compassionate, and you will feel supported and safe. 

Sacred Sexuality

I have found through working with hundreds of clients on healing sexual issues and wounds, that imbalances to sexual energy can have a profoundly detrimental effect on one’s life. The tools I use in my work are profoundly powerful for healing sexual energy, trauma, and wounding. I have experience working with issues with intimacy avoidance or conflict, embodiment, self-judgement around sexuality, shame, religious or cultural guilt around sexuality, abuse, rape & trauma, issues pertaining to the Queer experience, issues with fertility, birth & mothering, Fertility Nest Healing & Clearing (for all gender- identities), and issues with feeling a disconnect from one’s creative energy.


The processes I use allow you to connect to your own innate intuition, and higher-self guidance. When I was a child I was highly psychic, but as I grew older these gifts became buried under self-limiting beliefs, and experiences that disconnected me from my inner truth. I tried many things to re-connect with my spiritual gifts as an adult and what achieved the most powerful results was clearing out the blockages what were in the way. This is also true for my clients, especially those who work with me on a regular basis.

"Sessions with Rhiannon have changed my life. That may sound trite, but it's only been a month and my life is literally completely different and I don't recognize myself in a good way.

We are still working together, but so far with her help I have been able to heal several deeply-rooted traumas that have been keeping me from living the life I always imagined was possible. In particular, she helped me re-integrate two pieces of my soul in a way that simultaneously empowered me and made me feel safe and taken care of. We also removed a block that had been in place for multiple lifetimes.

I thought it would be a lot scarier, but she guided me through it with great wisdom and care. She is down-to-earth, funny, exceptionally intuitive, and an absolute joy to work with. With deep work like this it can be hard to find someone you can trust, and with her I felt that I could open up right away."

Naomi, Portland, OR