My Official Certifications:


  • Certified Hypnotherapist 
  • Certified in Applied Shamanic Practice
  • Depth Hypnosis Practitioner
  • Certified Spiritual Minister
  • Reiki Master


I am certified in Hypnotherapy, Applied Shamanic Practice, and ordained as a Spiritual Minister through the The Foundation of the Sacred Stream and the Association of Depth Hypnosis Practitioners.  


My Greatest HEaling wisdom COMES FROM WITHIN: 

Although I have studied under many wise teachers and mentors, my greatest knowledge into the subtle realms of healing has been my own journey of personal transformation. Using the same techniques I now use with my clients, I myself, was able to transform my entire life after navigating intense darkness in my youth filled with many levels of abuse, trauma, and addiction.

Now the fullest expression of my cosmic purpose is using my unique intuitive and channelling gifts, and the alchemical power of my own personal medicine, to assist my clients in expanding and aligning with their own highest potential. 

I call myself a Healing Guide and not a healer because my work empowers my clients to heal themselves. 

My path of service also includes co-ordinating donation-based Shamanic Healing Clinics in Berkeley, CA. (Sign up for my mailing list to receive information about when these events are approaching). 

I am also involved with community stewardship through the Space Clearing Society, a collective of healers who serve the greater community by clearing energetic imbalances and psychic residue from healing arts spaces and homes around the Bay Area, and through my work as the facilitator of the Healing Village at the Spirit Weavers Gathering.