Depth Hypnosis and The Emotional Pain Body



In a Depth Hypnosis session, the client is not only able to access the subconscious mind, but also their subtle body memory.

This subtle body memory often contains imprints that a client may, or may not, even be aware of, that are effecting what is currently manifesting in their life and effecting their emotional state. Spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle, refers to such imprints as the, "Emotional Pain Body".

Unfortunately, many people are unaware that this Pain Body is typically the one in the in driver's seat of their life and has a massive effect on what is, or is not, manifesting in the current moment.

People are often surprised at how much is actually stored, and un-processed, in their Pain Body that they were unaware of.

A reason an imprint remains stuck in the Pain Body is often just as simple as the fact that many things that happen to people in childhood are too emotionally complex for a child's brain to fully process.

Or in the case of past-life imprints, in Depth Hypnosis we find that the original cause of an imbalance may have occurred many lifetimes ago and is simply repeating the same energetic pattern in the current lifetime. 

Such imprints can often be the cause of illness, or imbalance, in the body. 

What is considered traumatic is different for every person. Many people are highly sensitive souls and the current state of planet Earth in general is traumatic in itself!

Or many people find they have trauma stored that is from previous lifetimes and is simply presenting itself in this lifetime to be fully integrated and the learning associated completed. 

So how can we heal the Pain Body when we may not even conscious to all it contains?

With Depth Hypnosis! 

The model is absolutely unprecedented in its ability to make the unknown, known, so an issue can be fully healed and integrated.

And unlike traditional suggestion hypnosis, which tends to merely put a temporary band-aid over an issue, Depth Hypnosis is a powerful tool for locating the original cause of an imbalance (no matter what lifetime it began in), and healing at the root using ancient shamanic healing and energy medicine techniques that heal on a deeply powerful soul- level.  

This root-based healing causes what can be described as a domino effect in a Depth Hypnosis client's life.

As clients move deeper into the work they find they are shifting out of a state in which their subconscious Pain Body is calling the shots on what manifests in their life, and rather they begin manifesting what they truly want for themselves.

Depth Hypnosis is foremost a tool for integration, and with every new integration comes new gifts and expansions of consciousness and spirit.

As clients move into greater, and greater, wholeness they find they have more access to their own core-life energy.

They shift into deeper alignment of body, mind and spirit and embody the fullest expression of their soul's capacity for health, happiness, abundance, and joy.