Let's Talk About Family Dynamics and Karmic Patterns! 


In Depth Hypnosis we work with karmic patterns.
Karmic patterns are your own unique patterns of how you relate to the world, and how you relate in your relationships. These patterns can follow you from lifetime to lifetime unless you decide to learn from and transform them.
A fantastic way to discover your karmic patterns is to look deeply at your role in your childhood family relationships.
We chose our family members before coming into this lifetime in order to tease out certain karmic patterns that we intended to learn from.
Every person has their own unique karmic patterns. That is why you may have siblings that had completely different experiences, perceptions/reactions to your parents, or memories of your childhood than you did.

Your siblings may have all had different reactions to certain family dynamics. One sibling may have withdrawn, or shut down, in response to conflict, or one sibling may have been aggressive/angry in response. Each person reacts differently.

An excellent way to look deeper into your own karmic patterns is to look deeper into your reactions/responses in your family relationships.

Also look deeply into whether you match, or do the opposite, of your parent’s behaviors.
Because your subconscious mind creates your reality based on the conditioning of your early childhood/family dynamics...

...And this sets the foundation of your relationships with others for the REST OF YOUR LIFE...
This means that even as an adult you will find you have the same patterns of relating in your adult relationships, as you had in your childhood family dynamics.

This is why people sometimes notice they seem to always attract the same type of date, or no matter who they date the same type of issues and conflicts arise in the relationship.

When we look closer, these relationships often match our childhood family dynamics, or wounding. For instance, take the classic scenario of a woman who had an abusive father, who grows up to marry an abusive husband… 
In Depth Hypnosis sessions I work with my clients to find their Karmic Patterns so I can guide them into transforming them.
Finding these patterns can often be the hardest part because they are elusive, slippery little things that are buried in you subconscious mind programming!
But once we find them and become conscious of them they lose a lot of power, and we can work together to TRANSFORM them!
…which is why I believe we are all here, playing this often intense game of relating with one another on this crazy planet….
To transform our tired old karmic patterns... that have often been playing over and over from lifetime to lifetime like a darn broken record…
...so we can grow, learn and, EVOLVE!!!
So this holiday season go ahead and feel thankful if someone in your family seems to cause you to react in a way that is familiar to your childhood dynamic (even though, whoa, you thought you were a grown up now).
Because each member of your family, however perhaps dysfunctional your relationship to them might be, is holding a Golden Key
…a key that allows you to look deeper into your inner world, and karmic patterns, and do the work you incarnated to do!