Soul Parts Exchange and Ending Relationships


Clients often ask me what they can do after getting out of a relationship, whether long term or otherwise, to assist in closing the chapter, healing/clearing their own vessels of the energy of the relationship, and expanding their opportunities for new things to come into their lives.  

This is when I always utilize a shamanic process called Soul Part Exchange, combined with a cord-cutting ceremony. 

This process is also extremely helpful for clients who may have a past relationship that they never fully got over, or stopped thinking about that person. In most cases this is because their energetic system was never fully disconnected from this person, and any parts the two parties may have been holding, exchanged. 

This process is not limited to romantic relationships, I am often guided to do this work between family members, siblings, and even close friends. 

What  exactly is a soul exchange?

Your soul is your pure essence. It is common between people to exchange parts of their soul unconsciously, when they are really attached to each other. As your lives are entwined together this may be fine, but when you part company, either through a relationship breakdown or death, then it becomes problematic when you hold parts of each others soul.

As a shamanic healer our job is to help you give back what you are holding onto from the other person, and help them return to you what is yours. You can compare it to this reality, when you end a relationship then there is a process of returning each other’s belongings. We do this with the things that we can see but we don’t necessarily tend to the things that we can’t, deep inside us, either because we don’t know how to, or it doesn’t cross our mind to.

How would you know if you needed one?

Here are some suggestions to help you decide if you might need a soul exchange:

  • You just got out of a relationship and want to fully move on, and open room for new connections and opportunities to come into your life.
  • No matter how you try you just can’t seem to get over a relationship. There is something happening which you can’t put your finger on – they have a hold on you and you can’t move on.
  • Someone you have had a relationship with can’t move on with their life. They are attached in some way but you can’t describe exactly why
  • You are dreaming a lot about an ex-partner who keeps on coming into your dreams regularly.