Healing for the Ancestors


When I first began my practice I had no idea how much work I would be called to do specifically around healing my client's
ancestors (and therefore healing the client).

It is clear that in our modern society the ancestors are largely ignored and that they are pleading for our individual, and collective, attention. Since they do not receive the awareness and healing they need in many cases the ancestor's can be found as the root cause of blockages in our present lives.  

Here is a share from a recent client: 

"My experience in session with you was viewing the life and pain my grandmother, and then later what my mom experienced in their own lives due to being Jewish, exiled, shut out, and therefore living with loneliness and grief. When I was in the altered state it felt like I was given the opportunity to be in their shoes, and therefore heal the darkness bestowed upon them and inherited by me."

- Diane 38, Oakland, CA

How do we heal the ancestors using the altered state?

My client, Diane, had gone into the altered state simply holding the intention to work on her life-long feelings of disconnect and loneliness.

When she allowed her body wisdom to guide her to the root source of this issue, she found herself journeying into the body of an older woman who was braiding her daughter's hair. The woman felt incredibly sad and disconnected from her daughter as she braided her hair. Her emotions were vast and deeply connected to her traumatic life experiences.

Diane suddenly realized she was embodying her grandmother. She was then able to release trapped emotions and energy from the very core of her DNA in this process, and also heal the same in her grandmother. 

I then guided Diane into a situation in her own life that was connected to her ancestor's experience and she found herself in a swimming pool as a young child. She was looking at her own mother from a distance who was standing at the edge of the pool staring sadly into space. Diane could feel her mother, and herself, as they both felt the same depth of emotional disconnect and loneliness in relation to the mother-daughter bond, and in their emotional terrain in general. 

Here Diane could clearly see how this pattern was passed down from daughter to daughter and through the lineage due to heavy trauma. 

Diane was able to experience viscerally that our ancestors live inside of us, their experiences held both in our DNA, and in our energy bodies.

When we step forward, holding the courage to heal ourselves, our ancestors are all standing behind us receiving the same healing through the realms. The effects are profound and result in multi-dimensional healing for all.  

After a healing I am often overwhelmed with the love and gratitude expressed from the ancestors for finally being seen.

The above picture is of my own great-grandmother, Emma. Her first-born son on her lap was killed in WW2 at just 21 years old. Shortly thereafter Emma suffered an aneurysm while cooking dinner for her young daughters and died instantly, the frying pan clattering to the floor with her. As you can imagine I have done a lot of work in the realms providing healing for Emma, and the entire lineage behind her. She has transformed from an ancestor who once caused hard patterns and blockages to appear in my life, to a guide who now assists me in my work and self-expansion.