Depth Hypnosis FAQ



How is Depth Hypnosis different from talk therapy?

In talk therapy we use our conscious mind to "think" about our problems. With Depth Hypnosis we talk about the issues but we want to find out what is causing the conflict and fix it. Old beliefs and thought patterns are stored in our subconscious mind. Depth Hypnosis accesses those memories to allow healing of the initial wound to create change in our present lives.


How is Depth Hypnosis different from regular hypnotherapy?

Most hypnotherapy only use Ericksonian suggestion techniques, which involve making suggestions while in an altered state to change your relationship to a bad habit or issue. Often such techniques do not get to the root of the problem and only offer a temporary fix. In Depth Hypnosis we use the altered state to go deeper into investigating the root issue of a presenting problem, in this way the shifts that occur are deep and long lasting. 


Is Depth Hypnosis just as effective over the phone as in person?

Yes! Because a fundamental aspect of Depth Hypnosis is energy medicine, practitioners are able to work distantly with the same powerful results. Many clients live across the country and still achieve the same fantastic results from phone sessions as in-office clients do. 


How many sessions do you recommend for Depth Hypnosis Counseling?

How many sessions you need is always up to you. Sometimes we just need a mental or emotional tune-up,  other times we require ongoing support, whether it means meeting weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions, or however long you need to get the support you need. Initially, a minimum of three sessions are often recommended for someone to determine whether or not the approach is right for them.

In regards to certain mood disorders, such as depression, anxiety and PTSD, a recent Depth Hypnosis study found that subject's symptoms and moods improved dramatically after four session, and improved even more significantly after eight sessions. The findings of this study were highly significant statistically as counseling models rarely demonstrate these sort of results without the use of psychiatric medications. You can see the full results of this study here


I have my own spirituality, or I am not spiritual at all, is Depth Hypnosis right for me?

The DH Method's approach to spirituality is completely non-dogmatic and the model itself it designed ultimately to help people discover, or navigate their own path to spiritual understanding to heal completely on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. The DH method subscribes to Carl Jung's statement: "There is not true healing without the participation of spirit."


Do you work with children and teens?

Yes, Depth Hypnosis has been found to greatly benefit children and teens. 


Do you accept Insurance?

We don’t accept insurance directly, but can give you an invoice for your sessions, which you can submit to your insurance provider. Check with your health plan, as a doctor’s referral may be necessary for reimbursement.


Where can I find further information about Depth Hypnosis?

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