Can Depth Hypnosis Heal Mood Disorders?


The results of an exciting study by Joanna Foote Adler, PsyD and Isa Gucciardi, PHD, have found that Depth Hypnosis counseling may have better outcomes in the treatment of depression than cognitive behavior therapy. The study sampled a total of 39 Depth Hypnosis clients who sought treatment for symptoms of depression, anxiety and PTSD. The study followed these clients over the course or 8 sessions. The results were fantastic, as it was found that depression symptoms went down 56%, anxiety 58% and PTSD 45%. Overall wellbeing went up 15 %. It was found that the most significant improvement occurred after 4 sessions, with even more improvement after 8 sessions. 

From the study: 

Why is Depth Hypnosis so effective?
Depth Hypnosis draws from the Buddhist Psychology in understanding that problems occur when people twist away from their authentic nature. This twisting away can happen if parts of the self are disavowed, or if experiences occur that feel impossible to tolerate on one's own. In Depth Hypnosis wholeness is cultivated through connection to one's own experience of higher self. A sense of agency is created as one co-participates in tracking the roots of their own unique problems and changing their relationship to them. Clients learn how to rely on themselves, knowing that they have the key to healing within them. Thus, Depth Hypnosis techniques bring people back into the innate sense of wholeness that exists within everyone. (Gucciardi, 2004)
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