When Your Life Shifts Like Magic

Artwork: Isabel Bryna Mariposa Galactica

Artwork: Isabel Bryna Mariposa Galactica

There are moments in life when all the right pieces suddenly seem to fall into place like magic. A new opportunity emerges and it’s like a doorway appears before you that didn’t seem to be there before, and you gracefully step through this doorway, and it all feels so easy…

Like the universe is presenting your dreams to you on a silver platter.

You may have been trying to manifest these dreams for what feels like ages but in that moment everything is suddenly so utterly easy to obtain that your whole being just quivers with how right it feels.

So if it feels so right than why didn’t it manifest in your life earlier?

Let’s talk about the power of your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind holds many things, including feelings, perceptions, beliefs about yourselves and others, and beliefs and perceptions about who you believe you are.

…and your subconscious mind is creating your reality.

And most of your beliefs about who you are, and how the world operates, are pretty much solidified in your early baby years, like before the age of four years old.


So what’s currently creating your reality is a pretty outdated software system. It’s like your subconscious mind is still using a rotary telephone, and playing Oregon Trail on a dinosaur era clunky PC.

Ok, so how do we update this outdated software that is typically hung up on negative, or painful experiences, or even just charged emotions from our childhoods?

By the way, intense emotions experienced as a child often get “stuck” in our subconscious mind because we are unable to fully process them with our child brain, and then these painful situations just repeat and repeat in our lives in attempt to re-trigger these emotions in order to fully integrate them. Whew, sounds exhausting… Ever feel like your life is a broken record because the same events, triggering the same emotional responses, keep happening? Or you keep dating the same type of person who triggers you the same darn way? Well, this is why.

Fixing, or rather healing, these types of repetitive broken-record-type situations is part of the core work we do in Depth Hypnosis, (I say “part-of” because we also do past-life work, and other fun stuff, but that adds more layers of complexity to this subconscious mind talk so we can get into that stuff in a future blog).

In Depth Hypnosis we journey into the subconscious mind to find stuck emotions, negative beliefs and perceptions, and we heal them (or update them to know what we know now about the world now that we are cool adults who know how to process, and integrate, emotional stuff and we don’t have a bunch of limitations on who we can be, and aren’t at the mercy of our birth family dynamics!). Yay, there are so many more fun possibilities when you’re an adult and can be whoever you want!

To demonstrate all of this in action I want to share my client Anna’s story. She gave me permission to talk about our work together since she was so inspired by the results. You see, Anna recently had one of those moments, like the one I described earlier about your life shifting like magic.

Anna had a series of moments unfold right before her, a beautiful sequence of synchronistic moments that totally changed her life.

These shifts occurred pretty quick for Anna, after only a few Depth Hypnosis sessions, so I feel a disclaimer may be necessary here. Every single one of my clients is different, some shifts might be perceivable right away to them (especially if you are sensitive to energy), and other shifts occur on a more subtle level, and may take time to manifest in the material realm. So it’s hard for me to answer the question, “How many sessions will I need?” because Depth Hypnosis is a surrender into the unknown, where we allow the work to be guided by spirit, trusting that each session is the most perfect healing for the next step on your journey.

Anna spoke in our first session of being completely frustrated and fed up with her lack of a fulfilling career. She’d been waitressing at trendy restaurants for the better part of 15 years and was exhausted. Her tips were varied so she never knew if she would be able to make ends meet that month and she felt like she was always desperately treading above water. This caused her a significant amount of anxiety as a single mother trying to support two young children.  

Anna wanted a real career, one where she could use her creative skills and have fun at work, while also supporting her family. She’d done some training and created a design portfolio some years earlier, but had found it impossible to break into the industry with no experience under her belt.

Anna asked for spiritual guidance every night and always told the universe exactly what she wanted in a new career. Yet she expressed frustration that she found no opportunities for upward mobility in her life. She felt incredibly stuck.

In our first session I guided Anna to make a connection with her own personal spirit guides so she knew exactly where she was directing her energy when she made her nightly requests to the universe. This is very important! You always want to make sure you are not barking up the wrong tree when working your manifesting magic. (More on spirit guides and the importance of enlisting their help and stronger guidance in a future blog.)

In our second session we explored some issues that might be holding Anna back from living her highest potential. Anna spoke of what she described as, “a lack of trust.” She often felt a deep trust of her herself, her loved ones, and the world in general. She described this distrust as causing her to feel negative emotions, and holding her back from believing in herself, and what she deserved in her life.

I led Anna into a hypnotic regression to investigate the nature of this distrust and learn more about when this negative perception of the world was first formed in her subconscious mind.

In the regression Anna found herself being held in her mother’s arms as a baby. Her mother was standing in the street in front of their apartment watching Anna’s father load up his car with his belongings and move out for good.

Anna felt the profound sense of emptiness and sadness her baby-self had experienced when her father had abandoned them. Because she was so young when this event had happened (less than two-years old) there was a part of Anna still “stuck” in this trauma, unable to understand and process it completely, in order to be able to heal and move forward.

Now as an adult, the negative perceptions and beliefs the event had formed in Anna’s baby brain were still a part of her subconscious.

And unbeknownst to her they were limiting her perception of reality and affecting what type of life events her unconscious thoughts and beliefs attracted to her life.

By healing the part of Anna that was stuck in this negative situation she was able to change outdated beliefs regarding her sense of safety and security that was shattered at such a young and impressionable age.

So now this unconscious trauma, was now conscious, and could no longer hold her back.

Essentially we updated Anna’s software so she could now run the most powerful, most fast, and most awesome manifesting apps available on her smart phone!


…and in less than one week after this session Anna landed her dream job.

A series of synchronistic events occurred in Anna’s life and she was immediately hired at a downtown design firm working for a designer she greatly admired. The job paid exactly how much she’d been asking the universe for in her nightly requests, and provided great health benefits that she really needed for her kids. To top it off the job was creative, fun, and involved travel and other exciting opportunities.

It was everything Anna had been wishing for.

When Anna emailed me to tell me the news, she said...

“When I found out I got the job, I just knew in my bones that it was because of the work we'd been doing in session.”

Anna felt like her life had shifted like magic. She told me she hadn’t even applied for a new job or even updated her resume. She described the opportunity as literally “falling out of the sky”, (like a doorway opening that she effortlessly and gracefully just stepped through). She had even been super honest in her interview with the CEO about her lack of certain skills that made her under-qualified for the position… but like magic she still landed the job.

The universe clearly had Anna’s back.

By using the Depth Hypnosis method, Anna was able to free up stuck energy in her subconscious so that it could be cycled in a new way and now work with her to manifest consciously chosen life goals that were relevant to her adult life (not the stuck beliefs of a two-year-old). She was able to successfully align her subconscious and conscious minds so that her will was undivided. Her undivided will then had the major horsepower it needed to fuel her heart’s desires and create manifestation magic in her life!


Ps. I did not include the whole detailed story of exactly how Anna landed her dream job (although it’s a pretty good story!) because it made this blog pretty darn long. But I will share it in another blog next week (also some simple money-magic tips I shared with Anna in our first session). So if you are interested in the juicy details make sure to sign up for my email list below so you can be notified whenever new blogs are posted!)