Depth Hypnosis is a therapeutic counseling model that goes much deeper than traditional talk-therapy. If you chose this model of working with me than you may be seeking more continued support over a period of time. In this work we will look at your entire life-journey as a whole and heal the root cause of any symptoms, or repeating patterns you would like to shift in your life. A recent Pilot Study to investigate Depth Hypnosis Therapy’s ability to heal symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD indicated a significant decrease in symptoms, and an increase in overall well-being, over the course of treatment.

To be certified as a Depth Hypnosis Practitioner there is a high level of training and a two-year course of intensive study. To find out more about the Depth Hypnosis model and the integrity of the training process, please refer to Depth, The Association of Depth Hypnosis Practitioners, and The Foundation of the Sacred Stream.

Depth Hypnosis Sessions are available to book via my online scheduler.  In person sessions take place at my office at 2703 Seventh St, Berkeley, CA, and virtual sessions will be done via Zoom, or phone (your choice). If you have further questions, feel free to schedule a free 15-min consult with me.    

Depth HyPnosis

60min Session  ||  $125.00


The history of Depth Hypnosis  


Dr. Isa Gucciardi created Depth Hypnosis from her life work and study of both modern and ancient healing methods from around the world.

Depth Hypnosis synthesizes the wisdom of two ancient healing and spiritual modalities; Buddhism and Shamanism, with three modern approaches: hypnotherapy, somatic healing, and transpersonal psychology.

Depth Hypnosis has grown into a successful therapeutic modality with Depth Hypnosis Practitioners practicing throughout the world. People are drawn to work with Depth Hypnosis both personally and professionally due to its insistence on the integrity of the practitioner as well as its emphasis on the empowerment of the participant.

Depth Hypnosis actively involves the clients in the process of discovering what is needed to effect the changes they are seeking in their life. In this way, the clients are directly in touch with their power and their own ability to heal. By following current life issues to their source (through dream recall, inner child work, and regression), clients discovers what is needed to help them move beyond their unconscious motivations.

Although Depth Hypnosis draws upon hypnotherapy, it differs radically from traditional hypnotherapy, which relies heavily on Ericksonian or suggestion hypnosis. While suggestion hypnosis is often helpful, it is not necessarily long-lasting because it works only on the surface and does not address traumatic events that may lie beneath the presenting problem. When the deeper issue is not addressed, the problem can return or another problem may emerge to take its place.

Depth Hypnosis supports:

• an increased feeling of balance and joy
• creative and spiritual growth
• times of change and transition
• a healthy relationship to your body
• fertility and conception
• birth preparation
• postpartum adjustment


Depth Hypnosis helps to heal:

• trauma/ pain
• feelings of shame and low self-worth
• depression/ anxiety
• self limiting patterns/ harmful habits
• food and body issues
• relationship issues
• creative blocks
• feelings of being stuck
• fears/phobias







shamanic healing through a celtic lens


Because the Depth Hypnosis processes incorporate shamanic healing techniques, I offer more info about shamanic healing below:

Shamanic healing is based on ancient earth-based healing techniques that our ancestors used to address imbalances on an energetic level.  For people who experience mental, physical, or emotional pain, depression, or addictions, shamanic healing can be a means to reach the source of that pain in spirit and release that pattern of suffering from your life. It is a way to heal deep soul traumas without re-traumatizing yourself or giving up your power to a healer/teacher.

I am certified by The Foundation of the Sacred Stream in Applied Shamanic Practice. The Foundation holds high integrity when it comes to matters of cultural appropriation and does not teach another cultures ways, but rather rather the teachings that are held within the earth herself. The practices I use are applied through the powerful landscape of my Celtic/Welsh lineage and guided by my own ancestors. 

Shamanic methods I use in sessions may include:


  • soul retrieval

  • power retrieval

  • psychopomp work

  • clearing unwanted energies and attachments from my client's energy fields

  • ancestor work

  • working with light/elements/sound

  • drum healing


SOUL RETRIEVAL is the return of a soul part or soul essence. Soul parts can disconnect from a person due to trauma of an accident or injury, physical, emotional or sexual abuse, death of a loved one, end of a relationship, a period of intense stress, negative emotions, isolation from nature. As a survival mechanism, parts of the soul may leave during the event, helping the psyche cope with the experience. 

POWER RETRIEVAL: In power retrieval, the Practitioner addresses power loss by reconnecting the client with their lost source of power. This may take the form of a power animal, object or energetic transmission. Power loss is often a symptom of a person being exposed to negativity over time from parent, authority figure, and from the self.- any situation where you can't escape can cause a loss of power. 


SPIRITUAL INTRUSIONS AND EXTRACTIONS: Extraction removes "spiritual baggage" that does not belong to us. Spiritual intrusions can be caused by negative thought forms, such as anger, grief or other unresolved feelings, that we have taken into our bodies in response to hurt or a projection from someone else. It can also result from a physical injury. An Intrusion can manifest as localized pain in the body, illness or depression. Left unattended an intrusion can turn into a chronic illness. Intrusions often appear in situations where our Spirit has been weakened and made vulnerable by soul loss or power loss. A spiritual extraction involves removing and releasing the intrusion, clearing the affected area and is generally followed with a soul retrieval.


Common Symptoms of Soul Loss

  • Anxiety/ Chronic negativity, depression or fear

  • Chronic illness

  • Disconnection from one's purpose, lack of enthusiasm

  • Feeling "scattered"

  • "I've never been the same since.....

  • Difficulty staying present in your body or having memory gaps

  • A propensity towards addictions or destructive behaviors

Common Symptoms of Power Loss:

  • A sense of not belonging

  • chronic misfortune

  • low energy

  • lack of motivation

  • anxiety, depression or illness