No two sessions are alike. We will work with your intention. I will intuitively channel what is needed to heal any blockages in the way of creating the shifts needed to meet that intention.

Sessions may include:

  • Healing of repressed childhood memories

  • Inner child work

  • Past-life regression

  • Healing of womb experiences

  • Healing of ancestor patterns

  • Re-patterning & reprogramming limiting beliefs

  • Soul retrieval for this life-time or a past-lifetime

  • Power-retrieval

  • Soul Parts exchange // cord-cutting

  • Energy healing on a cellular level

  • Clearing of blockages in the body that are causing health issues

In this work we are working with deeply entrenched patterning:

  • repeating self-sabotaging behaviors that creep up whenever you take a leap forward

  • persistent thought forms that have been keeping you "playing small" for ages

  • childhood trauma that has been effecting what relationships you have attracted in for your entire adult life

  • conditioning and patterning from your birth family, and ancestors, that has been behind-the-scenes effecting what has been manifesting in your life for decades

  • Karmic patterns that have been repeating across your many many lifetimes

  • life-long bad habits

  • and much more...

Please carefully chose the length of your desired session.

We will be diving into deep work that your soul has been waiting many, many lifetimes to do.

Work that your ancestors have been waiting hundreds of years for someone in the lineage to step forward to do.

To finally have the tools and resources, and empowerment to be in the place that you are now. 

If your issue is deeply layered then you will want to consider booking a longer session, or working together over multiple sessions.