Re-programming // re-imprinting LIMITING Core-beliefs 

I assist my clients in reprogramming limiting beliefs, low-worth conditioning, and removing blockages to fully inhabiting their own purpose and power. When limiting beliefs are reprogrammed your self-worth expands, and therefore your capacity to call what you want into your life expands. This includes abundance and the ability to manifest your heart's true desires. Other benefits include increased connection to higher-self guidance, more personal power, enhanced intuition, and alignment with your spiritual gifts and dharma.


The processes I use allow you to connect to your own innate intuition, and higher-self guidance. When I was a child I was highly psychic, but as I grew older these gifts became buried under self-limiting beliefs, and experiences that disconnected me from my inner truth. I tried many things to re-connect with my spiritual gifts as an adult and what achieved the most powerful results was clearing out the blockages what were in the way. This is also true for my clients, especially those who work with me on a regular basis.

-"Rhiannon, I am honestly so grateful for the work you do. The work that I did with you set off this complete shift in my life... and it has been an incredible transformative chain-reaction of amazing synchronicities that have been coming through ever since then!"

Layla, Oakland, CA