Ancestor & Lineage Healing sessions


Although an ancestral pattern, or intergenerational trauma, may present itself as the root cause related to an issue we work on together in my regular sessions, due to honoring what is coming through strongly right now and what is needed in the collective healing, I will now be offering stand-alone ancestor and lineage healing sessions.

Ancestor and lineage healing sessions are a mix of channeled healing directly from the guides, energy medicine, earth-based healing processes, Depth Hypnosis methods, and several techniques inspired by the work of Daniel Foor, Phd. My individual channel, combined with a blend of these other ancient healing methods, allows for potent sessions that can heal any one (or all) of your lineage lines in their entirety.

These sessions also often extend into healing collective/group trauma, healing for the earth/land where trauma or violence occurred, and can even extend to womb space clearing when working with a matrilineal lineage. We surrender to the direction of the guides as to what is needed to be healed and cleared support your specific intentions. We will use Depth Hypnosis methods to allow for deeper access to your intuition as to where to begin on this journey.  



Client Experiences


“This week has been the epitome of spiralic.... moments of deep grief still flowing through, moments of elation, connection, anger, clarity, clearing and all the feels...My elevated Ancestor Guide is showing up for me and I too am grateful for Her--She is ever revealing Herself to be connected to the Primordial Womb: The Primal Energy of Birth, Initiation and Motherhood--very power full energies.”

-Christine M. (one week after first session)


“The affects are still so potent for me as I finally have what feels like energetic silence! It has been quite remarkable and peace filled...I am getting to know my own frequency and what it is that I WANT to do in this lifetime...what excites ME...quite revolutionary.”

- Christine M.  (two weeks after first session)

How to check on the wellness of spirit of your relatives and lineages


Please refer to my blog post on how to work with the tarot for checking up on your deceased relatives or lineages. You can also use a pendulum, directly ask your guides, or receive guidance from your subconscious in a session with me.