My Toolbox



Depth Hypnosis

In my sessions I draw upon my extensive training as a certified Depth Hypnosis Practitioner through the Association of Depth Hypnosis Practitioners. To learn more about the Depth Hypnosis healing modality (click here)


Shamanic Practices

I am certified by The Foundation of The Sacred Stream in Applied Shamanic Practice. Shamanic methods I use in session include, soul retrieval, power retrieval, psychopomp work, clearing unwanted energies and attachments from my client's energy fields, ancestor work, and drum healing. I am very sensitive to cultural appropriation. I apply all that I have learned through the filter of my own cultural/lineage background of Celtic Shamanism, and strive to work with the healing traditions of my own ancestors.


Energy Medicine

I am a trained Reiki Master. I also intuitively channel, and clear and transform energy, through my energetic being throughout sessions. The energy I channel assists in bringing clarity to my clients by removing blockages, or distortions, one might have to accessing their inner authentic truth. I also work with high frequency energies that assist my clients in clearing, re-patterning, and expanding in sessions. 


Intuitive Insight + Channelling + Mediumship

I use my natural intuitive and channelling gifts in sessions, which allow me to access subtle realms and heal on a multidimensional level. I channel what is needed in a session with adept skill and precision and work with high frequency energies. My highly attuned sensitivity allows me the capacity to work closely with powerful healing energies, and navigate even the most shadowy healing terrain with immense spiritual power and guidance.