All healing sessions are held in Berkeley, CA, or online via video conference call. Sessions are booked through my online scheduler. 


Depth Hypnosis is a therapeutic counseling model that goes much deeper than traditional talk-therapy. Depth Hypnosis blends the wisdom of two ancient healing and spiritual modalities; Buddhism and Shamanism, with three modern approaches: hypnotherapy, somatic healing, and transpersonal psychology. The healing results are powerful, especially if you are able to book sessions on a regular basis to remain actively engaged in the process. In this healing container we will look at your entire life-journey as a whole and heal the root causes of any symptoms, or repeating patterns you would like to shift.

Breakthrough Healing Session

Intuitive Healing Sessions are channelled healing sessions in which we will journey together into the spiritual consciousness of your body and aura. Here we will locate any blockages that are keeping you from fully aligning with your highest soul purpose. These blockages may stem from childhood, past lives, ancestral patterns, limiting beliefs, unhealed traumas, and so on. This work will take you beyond the limitations of your conscious mind. This is deep shadow-work. These sessions are highly intuitive and integrate a number of tools pretty seamlessly to meet the needs you have in the moment.

All you need to bring to the session is your intention regarding what shifts you would like to see in your life.

Ancestral // Lineage healing

I work with my clients to heal inherited old family patterns and heal inter-generational trauma.

You may find that you react in ways that can confuse you at times, or that it feels as though some heavy family stuff has been passed on for you to clear. With my methods you can clear ancestral patterns, and trauma, that has been repeating in your lineage line for generation upon generation. There is no limit to how far back in your ancestral line we can go back to find the original root of a family pattern, and heal it at the root. 

Manifestation ContaineR

A Manifestation Container session is a unique healing ceremony that was channelled directly to me from Spirit.

In this ceremony I hold a sacred container of high vibrational energy. You will be asked to speak your highest intentions on what you are working to manifest in your life. I will be working closely with the guides to hold this vision and channel energy that will reflect out any lower vibrational frequencies, distortions, or unconscious beliefs // blockages that you may be holding that are blocking what you are calling in.

This amplified support will assist your higher visions, intentions, and manifestations to become materialized in your life.

Space Clearing

I offer space clearings of all unwanted/negative energies from homes, land, offices, or workspaces.

From a shamanic point of view, energetic imbalances can occur in a space when energies get trapped there. Imprints from events that have occurred in a space can continue to effect events or circumstances in that space after the original event has occurred. From a shamanic point of view, disturbances often occur because spirits who are confused get caught in a particular space due to a variety of reasons.

You may consider getting a space clearing if:

  • You are moving into a home that has had a lot of former occupants

  • You are buying a new house

  • Problems seem to arise in the space you live or work such as tension between people

  • You do not have a light or joyous feel feeling when you come home to your house

  • There has been any sort of death or physical accident, or trauma in a home, or at a workplace

  • You would like the space to serve you at the optimal level

Sacred Mentorship

Rooted Sexuality Mentorship

In the rooted sexuality mentorship we dive deep into the depths of first and second chakra territory. In the first session we set a highly intentional container that will be held for the season (3 months) of our work together. The intentions are unique to the individual seeker but the terrain we can explore may be blockages to sexual energy, relationship and intimacy blockages, heart-openings, limiting patterns around connection with others (not limited to romantic partnership), sexual trauma or off-configurations to ones’ authentic sexual expression, root chakra ancestral patterns and threads, rooting and grounding into earth power, and more. The container is co-created with the seeker and what they are looking to transform, transcend, or call into their life.

This mentorship includes 8 individual 1 + 1 sessions at a reduced rate, to support us working closely together in a highly intentional sacred container while weaving many tools and methods for healing into this dedicated work.

Path of Service Mentorship

I work closely with 1-2 seekers in sacred mentorship every 6 months specifically focused on stepping into healer’s gifts. This is for those who feel called to hold space for others in the realms of the healing arts. For those who are ready to step into deeper connection with guides, develop their intuitive and spiritual gifts, connect to the personal medicine of their ancestral lineage, and deepen their capacity to hold space for others in a sacred healing container.

The mentorship program is two bi-weekly classes per month over a 6 month period.

I take on new apprenticeships by interview process only. You must have worked with me before for at least one session to apply.

"Sessions with Rhiannon have changed my life. That may sound trite, but it's only been a month and my life is literally completely different and I don't recognize myself in a good way.

We are still working together, but so far with her help I have been able to heal several deeply-rooted traumas that have been keeping me from living the life I always imagined was possible. In particular, she helped me re-integrate two pieces of my soul in a way that simultaneously empowered me and made me feel safe and taken care of. We also removed a block that had been in place for multiple lifetimes.

I thought it would be a lot scarier, but she guided me through it with great wisdom and care. She is down-to-earth, funny, exceptionally intuitive, and an absolute joy to work with. With deep work like this it can be hard to find someone you can trust, and with her I felt that I could open up right away."

Naomi, Portland, OR