“Life can be more amazing than you ever imagined."

With Rhiannon's support I was able to reintegrate a major aspect of my unconscious, and it's been smooth sails for me during this eclipse season where everyone seems to be freaking out.  

I definitely believe that when you are brave enough to be seen in your moments of need by people who are able to support you and help you heal yourself, then life can be even more amazing than you ever imagined. I would HIGHLY recommend a session with Rhiannon.

Natalie Ross of the Dream Freedom Beauty podcast

aN increased amount of activations and visions”

"I have felt called to follow up with you and express a deep and honest feeling of gratitude for your guidance through my own personal shamanic journey. Ever since our session I've been experiencing an extremely increased amount of activations and visions through my guides and have started to remember a deep wealth of knowledge. I can't seem to get it all out an in writing, through song or even movement. There is seriously so much information and synchronicity unfolding it's both exhilarating and tiring! Beautiful, right?"

— Taylor T.


"Rhiannon is a remarkably skilled, sensitive, and caring healer. Though working with her, I have been able to access important parts of myself that once felt hidden and inaccessible. Our greatest emotional and spiritual challenges cannot be navigated through the mind + intellect alone. These more subtle aspects of self require the kind of safety, guidance, unique magic that Rhiannon provides through the space she holds. After each session I've had, I've experienced greater levels of mental clarity, much needed emotional release, and a heightened sense of self knowledge. For anyone treading the often murky waters of healing, transition, and initiation, Rhiannon offers a profoundly safe and subtle space for engaging in the sacred work of self discovery."

— Sophia Rose of La Abeja Herbs



I had a transformational, and I mean TRANSFORMATIONAL, Depth Hypnosis session with Rhiannon, in which much occurred. One thing Rhiannon facilitated was releasing a 23 year old blockage. Another thing that stuck with me about the session  was when she asked what I would like to fill the space with. I had never thought of it in that way. When we create holes or releases, we are susceptible to a foreign thing taking its place, rather than taking the initiative and intention to fill the newly created space with something that will actually nurture and serve us.”

Vicki of Grandmothers Medicine

“Empowering process.”

I felt fully supported throughout and was definitely impressed with Rhiannon' s ability to intuitively feel how deep and far things should go.  I also loves that it is ultimately an empowering process as the one that who chooses to find, navigate, and heal is really the "patient."

Stella C.


“harness my true power.”

Though emotionally a bit difficult, I was able to journey through my past during the session, resolve the trauma, and break through to the other side even stronger. Rhiannon was supportive and encouraging the whole time, and really helped me see what I need to do to own my true self and harness my power.

— Megan P. 

deep magic and hidden chambers of my experience!”

Rhiannon is a gentle and supportive guide in the space she cultivates for her work. Her connection to her guides and spirits must be very strong since I went to locations that held deep magic and hidden chambers of my experience. Her work allowed me the freedom to explore my mind and spirit in peace with vivid images. Rhiannon is a wonderful channel assisting others to dive deeper into themselves. 

— Hannah S.


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