In office sessions are currently scheduled at 2149 Byron Street in South Berkeley. For non-local clients, Phone and Skype appointments are also available. Remote appointments are just as effective as in-person sessions. 


Depth Hypnosis

Depth Hypnosis is a powerful form of healing that synthesizes all of Rhiannon's extensive training in hypnotherapy, applied Shamanism, Buddhist psychology, transpersonal psychology, and energy medicine. By creative use of the altered state DH Practitioners are able to guide clients to locate the original cause of an imbalance, whether it began in this lifetime or a past-lifetime, to heal at the root. Once locating this original cause of imbalance, Practitioners then use ancient shamanic healing techniques to help clients achieve deeply transformative results on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.


Shamanic Healing


Shamanic Healing is based on the belief that all problems, mental, emotional or physical, have a spiritual origin; a spiritual imbalance. The shamanic practitioner works with compassionate helping spirits to restore balance, harmony and life essence to the client. Possible healing ceremonies Rhiannon may perform include: Soul Retrieval, Power Retrieval, Soul Parts Exchange, Compassionate Release of Spiritual Intrusions and Extractions, and Drum Healings.





These sessions focus on clearing energetic and emotional blocks that are held in the womb space. The womb is a storehouse for energy, emotions and memories. There is remarkable healing power held in the womb that can be accessed when one clears and overcomes old patterns and habits that may have been created from sexual and relational trauma. Clients find Womb Healing sessions especially powerful in relation to reconnecting with sexual wholeness, healing reproductive illnesses or issues, clearing energetic blockages related to fertility, or preparing the womb space to nourish a healthy pregnancy.



Individual Depth Hypnosis sessions are approx. 75 minutes. Shamanic and Womb Healing Sessions are approx. 60 minutes. All sessions are $90 - $120.00 sliding scale. 

Clients can choose to book sessions weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or simply on an as-needed basis. For Depth Hypnosis clients often chose to come on a weekly, or bi-weekly basis, as it is incredibly effective as a form of on-going therapy. Clients often find that it helps them heal, and make shifts in their lives, quicker than any traditional types of therapy they have ever tried.

Packages of three 75-minute Depth Hypnosis sessions are available and can be purchased in advance for $290 - $320 sliding scale. 



"Working with Rhiannon, and Depth Hypnosis, blasted open my intuition to a whole new level. I'm able to be in direct contact with my inner wisdom and trust in the answers I receive."

- Taylor V.