Sexual Wholeness


Currently, Depth Hypnosis is my main healing offering, as I have found that it combines the most potent aspects of many different healing modalities into one powerful technique.

I believe so strongly in the effectiveness of Depth Hypnosis as it was the most transformative healing modalities I encountered on my own path to self-healing.

As a child I was highly empathic, and closely connected to the world of nature, and the spiritual dimensions.

My connection to my inner-guidance, spiritual-self, and personal power weakened immensely as I grew up in a dysfunctional and abusive family environment.

From a young age I experienced multiple levels of trauma, and I began to dis-connect from myself and exist in a permanent PTSD state of fight-or-flight. This disconnected, and disembodied existence, only deepened in my adolescent years when I experienced sexual trauma and violence, and began to turn to drugs and alcohol to escape my emotional pain.

For the first half of my life I grappled with extreme anxiety, depression, health-problems, and addictive and destructive behaviors. At various times I tried different approaches in an attempt to find peace and happiness. I tried anti-depressants, anti-anxieties, and many types of talk-therapy, but nothing seemed to be able to heal me on a deep inner level, or access my many layers of deeply buried trauma. 

Then I found Energy Medicine, Shamanic Healing and Depth Hypnosis and my life transformed in incredible ways.

Every single aspect of my life transformed.

My first-hand experience in healing my own life has been my biggest teacher as a healer, and far exceeds any learning I have gleaned from formal studies. I assist my clients in healing many different issues (from seemingly small to big), but because of my own personal journey, I also have a specialized insight into deeper issues of healing abuse and trauma, including sexual abuse and violence. You can find out more about my work in these areas here.

Having walked this path myself, I have the capacity to offer profound insight, support, and to hold deeply compassionate space for my clients.

As a natural empath and channel I have the capacity to work closely with spirit to navigate even the most shadowy healing terrain with immense spiritual power and guidance. 

It is my greatest passion to help my clients experience the same mind, body, and soul-level healing I discovered through these potent healing techniques.

If you find yourself struggling to cope with your life for any reason (from seemingly small to big), I encourage you to get in touch. During the complimentary assessment, we will discuss whether my offerings are the appropriate healing choices for you.