How would I know I need a space clearing?
You might experience an uneasy feeling in the space. There may be electrical problems, strange sounds or anamolous experiences or other events which occur in the space. People entering the space may feel uneasy, cold or breathless, or experience other unusual physical symptoms. People may experience a feeling of bad luck or business problems in the space.

What is the process of space clearing?
Space clearing processes differ according to the types of imbalances that are occurring in the space. The approach is always one based in compassion and positive intention. Usually the process takes an hour or two and is done by a group. The size of the group varies depending on member availability and the presenting issues of the space.

What are the benefits?

People generally experience an alleviation of the events or experiences they had been undergoing before the clearing. People report the space feeling “lighter” or more relaxed.

How can I maintain the space after clearing?

You will be given some ideas by us that are specific to your situation after the clearing has happened.