The Story

I created The LIBERATION, a sacred healing container, because:

  • I know first-hand how it feels to have experiences with sexual abuse, trauma, shame, and guilt effect every aspect of your life, including emotional health, physical health, relationships, creative energy, spiritual growth, magnetism, self-worth, embodied presence, and much more.

  • It is my deepest soul offering to empower others with the tools, practices, and deep wisdom I’ve learned on my own path to sexual healing with those who are ready to dive deep into the work of liberating themselves from the limiting effects of having imbalances, and fragmentation to one’s sexual energy.

  • I’ve created a step-by-step methodology that draws from powerful processes of deep shadow-work, shamanic healing, ancient tantric techniques, neuro re-patterning, ancestral healing, energy medicine, inner-child work, and intuitively channeled techniques that have assisted hundreds of my clients in transforming, and healing their sexual wounds and connecting to the power of sexual wholeness.


The Sacred Healing Container


  • Eight 60-minute individual potent 1: 1 sessions with me over a three month period (You set the pace of the sessions as long as they fall within the time span of the three month healing container that I will be holding with empowered intention).

  • Once a week email support to address any questions that may arise between our sessions.


The Transformative Process:

Each healing container will be tailored to the specific needs of the client, but a general framework will include:

  • Exploration of any places where you may be cut off from the creative power of your sexual energy.

  • Healing blockages can show up in the form of shame, guilt, religious conditioning, societal conditioning, or overt sexual trauma.

  • Womb healing and clearing (*can be tailored for any expression on the gender spectrum, male/female/or gender non-conforming).

  • Divine Feminine/masculine empowerments and activations

  • Deep healing work, and clearing, for either the Maternal Matrilineal line in your ancestry lines, or Paternal Patrilineal lines depending on your gender preference. I have found when this particular lineage line is cleared then the most vibrant Divine Feminine/or Masculine frequency of your lineage line is then accessible. This is the most powerful ancestral work for us to during at this time potent and transformative time on earth. At times this work also allows my clients to receive messages about specific tools, rituals, and initiatory processes and activations unique to the ancestral line.

  • Transformation of limiting beliefs, core imprints, and wrong-knowing that may have been formed due to sexual trauma, wounding, or shame. These beliefs could very well be holding you back from stepping into the highest version of yourself, and fulfilling your goals and dreams.

  • Powerful and deeply healing inner-child work if your wounding is from an early age.

  • Soul-retrieval for traumatic or stressful sexual experiences

  • Power-retrieval for traumatic, or stressful sexual experiences, or relationship dynamics.


The Liberation is for you if:

  • You experience shame, blame, guilt, fear, blockages, emotional pain, anger, anxiety and other difficult emotions when it comes to your sexuality, and/or sexual expression.

  • You have experienced sexual trauma, abuse, wounding, ect

  • You experience blockages or lack of desire holding you back from intimacy.

  • You want to free of the conscious and subconscious religious and cultural programming of guilt and shame around sexuality

  • You want the support of someone who has also been there and understands the intricacies of sexual wounding.

  • You are ready to give yourself the ultimate gift of healing Self-Love and Self-Care!


  * I use terms such as womb, or Divine Feminine in my descriptions but am fully committed to tailoring my language in sessions to make this work accessible to anyone on the gender spectrum. For folks who do not identify with their womb, no longer have the physical organ, or never did, we will work together to chose wording that you feel comfortable with, in regard to your identity, and in order for you to comfortable to receive the healing available in these potent processes.


Ready to begin the journey?


Pay in Full: $1,111.11

Two monthly payments - $555 (Pay 50% down now, and pay 50% a month from today)

3 monthly payments $370.00