A journey to assist

in remembering your deepest knowing


The next journey will be: 



The KNOWING is in your bones. It is ancient, wise, and holy.

It is your inner truth. 

Together, with the amplified support a group allows for, we will journey to a place of ultimate truth and each receive individual healing.

I will hold a sacred, protected container of support, which will reflect out any distortions a participant may have in their life, and with what they are manifesting for the future.

This container will push out any lower vibrational frequencies that may distort, or impede, on your true KNOWING. You will have the opportunity to focus on your highest vibration, which will assist in these higher visions to become materialized in your life.

You will receive deep Healing energy + Clarity, Renewal, and Expansion. 

Every month the specific and unique energies for the journey will be intuitively channelled through me. With the assistance of my powerful collective of guides I will sense into what is uniquely needed for the particular configuration of the group  + connecting to what is coming though and aligning planetarily/astrologically.

A particular theme may channel through prior to the before the actual event and in that case I will list this with the sign-up info.  



  • The Knowing is offered once every month. The next experience will be offered Sunday, October, 21st at 5pm, PST.

  • We will meet virtually online through the Zoom video conferencing platform (free). You have the choice to either call in via phone, or computer. Participants will not be on video unless they chose to turn on video.

  • The group is intentionally kept at a specific number of participants. Each person will receive personal and individual healing.  

  • I will create a ritual space and an enclosed sacred container for the group allowing each member to align with their highest vibration of authentic inner KNOWING. 

  •  The journey will assist with clearing energies that are no longer serving you from your field + receive Clarity + Refresh your energy field at a body, mind and soul level to support you moving into your next cycle. 

  • This journey is a powerful way to strengthen your intuition and most importantly strengthen your TRUST in your inner intuition.

  • The last 15 minutes of the event will be a time for (optional) sharing and connecting deeper with the group. 

  • Instructions and the link to join the group will be emailed to you before the event.

  • Registration closes at 4pm PST the day of the event. 





What people are saying about THE KNOWING



"That was truly an amazing gift. Thank you so much for channeling that beautiful journey of healing.

I was covered in goosebumps and could feel the power coming through so many times. I could see and feel the presence of the guide, who brought a lot of insight for me on things that I need to focus on and pay attention to- things that I still need to address. There was so much power and I already feel lighter and so much more clear.

So grateful to you! I definitely want to join again next month. Thank you to you and your guides!"

- Ellie C. of Berkeley C.A.


"I felt that heavy, smokey kind of dense energy at first, and when the guide came through I felt a real shift. As she started asking us things, I started to anticipate them before she said them.

I also definitely felt when she was working on each of us individually, and when she was done with me. That was really clear for me.

Also, I had been feeling sick to my stomach all day, and after the healing I felt totally better!"

- Joelle L. of Oakland, CA


"I'm always a little nervous stepping into a group healing process. Nervous about how skilled the facilitation will be and whether I'll feel safe and contained. With Rhiannon's The Knowing, I had no reason to fret. Rhiannon's clear, straightforward, professional skills reassured me, and I was able to relax and really trust the process. 

My favourite part of the Knowing was how my bodypsyche sensed a powerful experience was coming, and I started settling into a transformative space well before we began the call. This feeling, which I describe as an extrasensory buzz, intensified as Rhiannon guided us through The Knowing, and by the end I felt more clear, settled and much less distressed.

I recommend The Knowing for the sense of peace and connection it gave me.

Plus, I find group healings like this are more powerful than one-on-ones, and - amazing bonus - less costly too!

~Anonymous - artist + healing arts practitioner, Canada