I work both locally in-office, or distance via phone or Zoom video conferencing. I am lucky to have a diverse range of clients from all over the world.

My clients chose to either work with me regularly on an on-going basis (the same way in which people utilize talk-therapy), or they opt to book sessions sporadically when they feel something is up for healing. The process allows for growth and shifts to occur at the right pace for each client.



When working with children I use the Shamanic Journey process, instead of any hypnotic processes. Children are so connected to the intuitive parts of themselves that they can easily work with the journey process without even needing their eyes closed. In the first session I work with the child to develop a connection, or deepen a connection to their inner guidance and guides. Other things we may work on are releasing emotional residue, clearing energy from their fields that isn't necessarily theirs, (children are such open, sensitive beings that there is often energy that needs to be cleared in this way). Parents of children who are very sensitive often seek my support to guide their child in establishing strong energetic boundaries.  



In working with adolescents, I approach the adolescent with respect for the initiatory process they are going through. What is needed in our work together varies according to their individual experience. 


Couples Counseling

The processes I use are extremely effective for couples counseling. I approach the counseling from the perspective that relationship difficulties generally stem from the interaction of karmic patterns between the two people. The relationship dynamic brings forward the karmic patterns as the dynamics of interaction trigger them into play. In this way the partner is your greatest mirror into yourself and teacher. The great gift of the relationship is that it can fast-pace your spiritual work, and growth, if both partners are willing to do this work together.