Ace of Clubs Birth Card

Ace of Clubs Birth Card

Your Birth Card is the over-arching umbrella over your entire Birth Spread. Your Birth Card is a important as it tells you what “it is time to be” in this lifetime. The energy you are here to really master and embody. 

Underneath your Birth Card there are 13 other cards whose energies also influence different areas of your life so a full reading will better tell you all the factors that also make up your unique expression. To make things even more individualized, your spread is also very specific to you in regards to how the planets were aligned in your spread when you were born. This is what makes you different than anyone else you share a birth card with.

In this way your birth card is just a small peak into your overall make-up. This blog provides a general description of what it is “time to be” if you are an Ace of Clubs birth card - but to get very specific as to how this energy is manifesting for you - we can only go that deep in a one-on-one reading.


If you’re an Ace of Clubs birth card you’re living your best life when you’re connected to new ideas, creativity, and inspiration. You tend to have a steady flow of new ideas coming through you, especially in the realms of career, business, education, inspiration and philosophical concepts, which are all things represented by the clubs suit. You even have the potential to bring in work that is not only new to you, but in some way, new to the whole world. Whenever we are talking about an Ace we are talking about newness. The Ace of Clubs in nature is represented by a new leaf bud on a tree.

If you are not feeling like this innovative part of you is being expressed through you than you may not be connecting to what you love through your work and activities. For the Ace of Clubs energy to really shine at maximum capacity your inherent drive to be busy and productive, must also be paired with doing what you love. This is because the Ace of Clubs card is connected to the Two of Hearts, and the Two of Hearts can give the heart connection that will really nourish your vision, whatever that may be. 

The energy of the Ace of Clubs has the kind of spark that can pull someone out of depression and into inspiration. This is because it can tap you into that bigger vision for your life that is bigger than any drudgery that might surround you. It can give always give you something new to love and the ability to connect emotionally to something.    

It is important to remember that there really is no inspiration without love.

Inspiration and ideas come from an emotional connection. When people don’t have the inspiration to do anything, they are not in love with anything. So if you are an Ace of Clubs and you find yourself in that position my advice to you would be to drop everything and go on a journey to find what you love! 

Start today. Tap into that Ace birth card energy and try lots of new things. 

Once you set your intention, the universe will show you the way. 

When the Ace of Clubs knows what they love, and is doing it, they are all about that steady flow of new inspiration coming in. The kind of deep ideas that come from the uniqueness of the self. With these kind of ideas and inspiration there is the possibility for you to be an innovator in your field of interest, hobbies, or in academic realms. Just look at Bruce Springsteen and Steven Spielberg - two Ace of Clubs who are both still creating new work way into their older years -  their drive and creativity just keeps on flowing!

Not all Ace of Clubs will be as public with their inspiration and work as Bruce and Steven though. You do have some hermit-y energy coming in through your Ecliptic Card so you will often crave a private place to escape and recharge. The path you’re walking throughout your life will help you connect to divine information and inspiration, if that is something you are seeking. Another thing that will be important to your path is completing cycles of energy around business and education. You may find yourself having very distinct cycles of career, schooling, and what inspires you at different times in your life. It is important to be able to recognize when a cycle is complete so the next new Ace thing to inspire you can have room to come in.   


Famous Ace of Clubs: Jodi Foster, Clint Eastwood, Sean Connery, Brooke Shields, Ted Turner, Steven Spielberg, Bruce Springsteen, Gene Simmons, Pope Francis, Indira Ghandi, 

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