Guru Jagat's Death in her Cards and Natal Chart

Guru Jagat's Death in her Cards and Natal Chart

Guru Jagat was a spiritual entrepreneur, and teacher, in the Kundalini Yoga community who passed away recently quite unexpectedly.

Guru Jagat was a 9 of Hearts birth card. This card can represent helping others by counseling them or in some way sharing our love and compassion. The path of the 9 of Hearts can be difficult because it is full of karmic obligations. They often have difficult childhood years. 9 of Hearts may develop a victim/savior personality which may often account for their dedication to service and helping the world. Many achieve great prominence in life and work with great deeds in service to the world.

Death is an interesting thing to study in the cards. The card that shows up during a person’s life at the time of a major event shows what the event meant to them, not necessarily what it appears to be on an external level. This is why it is so interesting to look at someone’s yearly spread to see what card was active at the time of their transition from the earthly realms.

For Guru Jagat the card running at her death was the Queen of Diamonds. In many ways the Queen of Diamonds card is Guru Jagat, as the card represents a person that can take something of obvious value, put a lot of their time and energy into it, and turn it into something glorious and even more valuable. This card represents a literal Queen of the earthly material realms.

But here’s the interesting part.

The Queen of Diamonds card was in the Saturn position of her year spread for the year she died. The Saturn period always brings things to an end. Saturn is the planet of karmic endings. Saturn is the planet of death and illness.

The process of being satiated and leaving/death is Saturn. If we are fulfilled enough we are content with endings and leaving. When death comes we are happy to move on. Saturn in its highest form is, "ok I have achieved the beautiful experiences I wanted to and I am ready to move on."

And get this…

She was also in the Saturn year of her 7-year-cycle spread, the final year of her 7-year-cycle. So she had a double Saturn karmic whammy going on. Double the potency of a major karmic ending. The card in her 7-year-cycle Saturn position was the 6 of Clubs, which is one of the most karmic cards. It is the card of being fulfilled in work and inspiration, but in the Saturn position it makes it a card of “ending being fulfilled in work and creative inspiration”.

So here we have two cards:

1. The Queen of Diamonds = a card of financial success and high skill in the material world with material things.

2. The 6 of Clubs = a card of inspiration and fulfillment in work and creative activity.

And both of these card are put to completion / ending by Saturn. What this means is that to Guru Jagat her death meant an end to her Queendom in the material realm. It was an ego detachment and end to her material diamond experience and a release into the more cosmic realms (shown by the 8 of Clubs in her Queen position bringing the energy of deep spiritual truth). 

But judging by her 7 year cycle year card, in the year before her death she was already losing the inspirational drive and creative energy she typically had for her work and was getting bogged down by problems. This is shown in the 6 of Clubs being the year card in the Saturn position, so it is influencing her entire year. Her inspiration and inner fire for her work was already starting to wane throughout the year.

This may very well have had to do with the fact that many ex-employees of her business were coming forward that year alleging abuse and calling her community a cult. She does have Rahu conjunct the Sun in her natal chart which can make for a very pushy, driving and ambitious energy. (Let that be a reminder here that even your Guru isn't perfect. We all came incarnated with complicated planetary energies in our natal charts to work on).

In February of the year of Guru Jagat's death she had a 7 of Hearts on her Mercury card. This energy is radiating through out the whole year and it is one of emotional disappointment which feels aligned with what was happening with her reputation. The entire year before her death is actually showing as quite challenging with inner wounds coming up, a struggle to feel solid in herself, and a hard time connecting with her usual inspiration that came from doing what she loved.

But then beautifully in the month before her death, the energy of the year shifts, she had a wonderful card of transformation through self-love. It feels like it was a healing time after a rocky year. Then shortly after that she entered her Saturn period and it was time to her earthly journey to come to a close.

But because she had a 5 of Spades on her Result Card for the year it is indicating she was ready for a new adventure and experience. She was ready to go somewhere where she felt more aligned with her environment. The 5 of Spades appears in this position when someone is ready to make a major life transition. The change provides for new directions and more personal freedom. For Guru Jagat this transition was so big that involved leaving the physical form.

But what about her North Node (Rahu)? This is also very important in regards to the timing of her death.

Guru Jagat transitioned just 30 days before her Rahu (North Node) was fully mature! She was in her Rahu birthing year, which is when many birthing pains of Rahu come up. This was also very telling as to why she had a rocky year before her transition.

Where Rahu is in the natal chart is where we need to go to evolve our consciousness in this lifetime. Her Rahu was conjunct her 10th cusp of being seen and actions in society. She needed to be visible and known in this lifetime and she did just that.

It is often quite scary to do the work that needs to be done to to evolve our Rahus. Many people avoid it, but Gura Jagat went there which is always admirable in my opinion. Many planetary conjunctions were causing a shit storm of problems for her in that house (hence the battle for her reputation in the end) but she still went there and did her Rahu work. 

After analyzing Guru Jagat’s chart and cards, I decided to pull an in-the-moment spread to see what more the cards wanted to tell me.

The card spread I pulled for her transition shows all the EXACT SAME THINGS I mentioned above. You can see the Queen of Diamond's in the "Going Against You" position (blocked and coming to an end) and the 6 of Clubs connected to this ending. As you remember these were both her Saturn cards that I discussed above. The cards in this spread were confirming what I saw in the year spreads.

The spread I pulled also showed me in the outcome card that she was dealing with, and juggling, a lot of problems in the material world. But beautifully, the 10 of Diamonds, a card of receiving abundance and learning all the lessons of the Diamonds suit showed up in her future position as she moved into the cosmos to do her work from there.

This showed me that Guru Jagat had completed her lessons of the earth / material plane (Diamonds).

She died just before her Rahu maturation for spiritual reasons. When you die during your Rahu maturation - in your next lifetime you are able to pick up right in the height of the Rahu energy, which is where you need to be in your next lifetime to evolve your consciousness. It is very fated to die during this time. 

It was her karmic destiny to transition at this time. The troubles on the earth plane at this time were a lot (the 10 of Spades outcome in the spread). She left before her Rahu maturation so the energy could carry her into her next lifetime. 


Akal, Akal

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