The Significance of Your Birth Card

The Significance of Your Birth Card

Your birth card is the overarching Solar energy for your entire birth spread. It is described as an energy your soul decided it was “time to be” in this lifetime. If you are embodying the teachings of your birth card than you can bet you are doing at least one thing right in your life!

Every day of the year there is a distinct solar energy for that day and this solar energy is represented by a card. This is shown in the Cycles of the Cards Calendar. 

Depending on what time you were born (before or after sunrise) determines what day’s solar energy is influencing your life spread. For instance, if you were born at midnight on January, 6th you would look to the card for January 5th because you were not born during the daylight hours of January 6th.  

The different solar energies of the cards cycle throughout the year. Some cards repeat more than others. The King of Spades and Ace of Hearts are pretty rare birth cards as they only show up once a year. But the King of Clubs and Ace of Diamonds repeat twelve times a year so they will be more common birth cards.

 Underneath your birth card there are 13 cards that support your birth card and mean different things depending on their placement. These cards represent the energies you are cycling through in your life - learning the lessons and gifts of each card along the way. This spread is predetermined at your birth and is deprived from complex mathematical quadrations that reflect the numerical nature of the universe. 

This means is that there are other people in the world that share the same Birth Card and Birth Spread as you. What makes your life journey different from theirs? This is determined by the planets. How the planets aligned at your birth determined where they fall in your birth cards. This is what makes your journey with your cards different from someone else who also is your birth card.

I will be posting a blog about every birth card starting next week. When I get to yours you can read about this overarching energy that is such an important part of your life and journey. 




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