Three of Clubs Birth Card

Three of Clubs Birth Card

I love this card because it has the powerful energy of expanding, and flying apart, from original ideas. The Three of Clubs learns new things, concepts and information but doesn’t just settle for the original teachings - they will be the one to go out and expand on the teachings and bring in their own authentic self expression.

If you are a Three of Club’s Birth Card you have the special gift of questioning everything, and expanding beyond the known. You are the person in the astrology class (or any type of class) that learns all the foundational aspects of the field and then goes out and makes their own unique and improved version of astrology to offer the world.

This is the card of the original thinker and experimenter. You are using this energy in it’s highest form when you are tapping into your drive to really experiment with ideas of life and to be an outside of the box (or matrix) original thinker. You just aren’t not meant to be a follower of others ideas wholly because your mind will want to do it your way. This makes you the internal seeker.

But because your mind is full of so much mental creativity, ideas, and constant thoughts on ways to improve on pre-existing systems… what you will need to watch out is the capacity to over think so much that it turns to worry, mental stress, or uncertainty. This is because your mental power is so exaggerated that it needs to be channeled wisely.

A way to release your abundant mental energy is through writing, creative expression, or expressing your ideas through lively conversation. You are probably a wonderful story teller. Three of Clubs can have career success in business, can be successful writers, and are excellent promoters. Traveling is a very important part of their lives.


Famous Three of Clubs: HG Wells, Aldous Huxley, Mick Jagger, Bill Murray, John F. Kennedy, Gene Kelly, Sandra Bullock, Helen Keller,

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