CLASS 1 | The Seed and the Suit 

  • Intro - History of Cardology
  • The Birth Card
  • Meanings of the Suits
  • The Aces

CLASS 2 | Connecting, Growing, Stabilizing 

  • The Twos 
  • The Threes
  • The Fours

CLASS 3 | Reaching for more Light

  • The Fives
  • The Sixes

CLASS 4 | Shedding and Transforming

  • The Sevens
  • The Eights
  • Lesson on the daily pull and dropping in

 CLASS 5 | Embracing Cycles

  • The Nines
  • The Tens
  • Lesson on the 6 Card Spread 

CLASS 6 | The Archetypal Players

  • The Jacks
  • The Queens
  • The Kings

 CLASS 7 | The Birth Spread 

  • What the Birth Spread is
  • Why are two people with the same Birth Spread different?
  • What the Spiritual Spread /Perfect Spread is and how to create it with a deck of cards
  • What the Grand Solar Spread / Life Spread is and how to create it with a deck of cards
  • How the Birth Spread is created and how to find it manually in the Grand Solar Spread
  • The names of positions 1 - 7 in the Birth Spread
  • The meanings of positions 1 - 7 in the Birth Spread
  • Examples

CLASS 8 | Deeper Into the Birth Spread

  • The names and meanings of positions 8 - 13 in the Birth Spread
  • Transformation and Result Cards
  • The Ecliptic/ Cosmic Lesson Card
  • The Jack, Queen and King Cards
  • What is the Double Whammy and why does it sounds so fun!?
  • Examples of of positions 8 - 13 in the software and PDF
  • Karma Cards

CLASS 9 | The Year Spread

  • What is the Year Spread?
  • What are the Year Spread Quadrations?
  • How is the Year Spread and Quadrations created manually with a deck of cards?
  • The meanings of positions 1 - 13 in the Year Spread

CLASS 10 | Deeper into the Year Spread

  • Fixed and semi-fixed cards 
  • What cards are Year Long Influences?
  • Hugging Cards
  • The Displacement Card
  • The Environment Card
  • The Year Ruler

CLASS 11 | Giving Layered Readings

  • The 7-Year-Spread Year Card
  • What are hugging cards and how do we find them and use them?
  • Looking for signs and synchronicities 
  • What Rhiannon does before every reading
  • Examples in the Software and PDF

CLASS 12 | Putting it all Together

  • Years with Specific Influences
  • What is the Womb Year?
  • What is the Rebirth Year?
  • What are the Pinnacle Years?
  • Other people in our spreads
  • Some examples of putting together everything we have learne
- Access to course materials on secure platform.
- Inclusion in our private social media channel for connection with other students and study prompts from Rhiannon.
- Each student will receive a personal print-out of their Birth Spread and all Yearly Life Spreads for 90 years. You will be able to use this print-out to read your cards till 90 years of age!
- *Course includes videos, written materials (materials provided for all learner types), quizzes, and live classes for Q & A
- The Card Reading software is not required for this course unless you want to learn on it instead of the print-outs provided. If you know you will eventually want to read the Life Spreads of others, whether loved ones or clients, then you should invest in the software. The software is $149 for PC, $124 for Mac. Info to purchase will be provided in the course welcome letter.