The Cycles of the Cards is a complex mathematical oracle system based on numerology, symbolism, and cycles of energy (the same cycles of energy found in nature). It can be used as a timing and divination system or to simply understand the life lessons and experiences we are currently navigating on a deeper level. It can also aid those of us on a healing or spiritual path by helping us understand your unique patterning and how to unravel what is no longer serving.

It’s almost like having a supportive guidebook for your life that can offer profound support especially when navigating uncertainty.

In the Cycles of the Cards System each person has a predetermined birth spread that is determined the day they are born. To get even more specific each person also has predetermined year spreads for every year of their life, a 7 year spread for every 7 year cycle of their life, and even weekly and day spreads. 

These spreads are determined by your Birth Card, which is determined by the unique solar energy on the day you were born. Each day of the year has a unique solar energy which corresponds with a card. The spreads are then created by performing mathematical quadrations of the cards. Previously Mystics and readers meticulously recreated these birth spreads in a reading by hand. If you travel in India today you can still find many card readers who will use this method. I use computer software that does all the complex math instantaneously and I combine this with in the-present-moment card pulls. 

To learn more about the fascinating ancient history of this card system please see my blog: “The History of the Cardology”.

How is the Card system you use different then Tarot?
Tarot or oracle readings involve creating a spread in the present moment. With the Cycles of the Cards system you have a predetermined birth spread that is determined the day you are born - similar to a natal astrological chart. You also have pre-determined year spreads for every year of your life, a 7 year spread for every 7 year cycle of your life, and even weekly and day spreads if you want to get really specific. Each of these spreads is all laid out in mathematical quadrations. Before computers readers recreated a client’s birth spread by hand using mathematical quadrations before a reading. Now with computers the spread creation is easily accessed through software. Each year on your birthday your cards change position. You are literally “dealt” a new hand of cards but it isn’t a spread pulled in the moment in tarot. It is already dealt out the day you were born. In my readings I do use some tarot-type techniques combined with the predetermined mathematical spreads of the Cycles of the Cards. I will often pull cards in the moment to confirm what I am seeing in your spread.