Do you have to be very intuitive/psychic to use this card reading system?
Here is the interesting thing, this card reading system is more “logical” and “systematic” than any other divination tool I have come across. Even someone who does not feel very intuitive can easily learn to use it and access supportive information.
Your intuition and psychic abilities will actually expand by continuing the card system! You see, everyone is intuitive, it is just a muscle that needs practicing. Divination tools give us the keys to access and develop these muscles. So you can still use this system successfully when your intuition is rusty, but your readings will only become richer and fuller the more your intuition is grows.
I already know how to read Tarot, will that confuse me, or help me?
On one hand, already knowing tarot will mean that you will learn the cards faster as some of the cards meanings have cross-over. You will also understand other aspects of the card system as it is the roots of Tarot.
On the other hand, you will need to keep your tarot meanings and your playing card meanings separate for the cards that have very different interpretations (which is a lot of them).

How do I access the class Study Hall?
You should RSVP for the Study Hall when the instructor sends a reminder email out. If you RSVP then you will receive a link to the meeting. 
Will I have access to the recordings after class ends?
Yes, you will continue to have access to all course materials for one full year after the course runs. 
Do I need Card Reading software for this course?
It is not necessary to have the Cardology software. It can be very helpful but not absolutely needed as you can work from your PDF print-outs. The cost of the software is anywhere from $99 to $149 depending on if you are using a PC or Mac. The link to buy this software is in the course materials. 
How can I support the scholarship fund
You can send money to support the scholarship via Venmo @Rhiannon-Morsch.