Readings are centered around your questions and what information the cards and planets need to share with you at this time.

I utilize the following: 

  • The Cycles of the Cards year spread to hone in on what themes, lessons and energies are coming up for you this year (the year spread is based on your Solar Return year and what age you are at the time of the reading)
  • Your Cycles of the Cards Birth Spread + 7 Year Cycle Spread
  • Your Vedic Astrology natal birth chart, divisional charts, current transits, Avashtas, and the Vimshottari Dasha system
  • In-the-moment card pulls and channeled guidance 

**Please note that although I use Vedic Astrology techniques, I use the Tropical zodiac and not the Sidereal zodiac in my readings. 




This is my most potent and personal offering.

Clients who embark on this work receive specialized channeled healing work that I do not offer in single sessions. These are specific healings that are tailored to the client during the readings. 

This work is most transformative when we can work together over time and the energetic healing component of my work can be woven into the sessions. 

The cards are not merely divination tools but incredible clues into the spiralic nature of growth, healing, and transformation.

When we work together for a series of sessions, the work deepens. This is where the true magic happens. The cards show when "healing portals" are open for a client.

Consistency of the energetic and channeled work provided within these readings supports true change occurring. A four session (minimum) commitment creates this sacred healing container. 


In the Sacred Container we will/may explore: 

  • Specialized channeled healing work (specific to your Natal Chart and Cards) that is only available to my on-going Sacred Container clients. 
  • The condition of your 7 planets in your natal chart. The condition of the planets shows strengths, weaknesses, good and bad habits, early childhood patterning and/or trauma, ec
  • Invaluable guidance on the psychological patterns, strengths, and weaknesses that you came here to work on in this lifetime (Many clients tell me that the information they learn in our work could have released them from years of talk therapy had they known earlier the core root of the issue).
  • Where and how your chart is guiding you to evolve your consciousness in this lifetime. What is your past-life/ancestral security programing that is limiting and holding your back in this lifetime, and how do you break free of it? This is an in-depth exploration of your Lunar Nodes AKA Rahu and Ketu
    • During a single year we go through 7 energetic cycles, or different card periods. Each card period lasts 52 days. It is incredibly supportive to know what cards energy you are currently in. It gives insight into why a particular event may be happening in your life and how to best navigate it. 
    • Emailed PDF of all of your yearly cards for several years in advance so you know the exact start and end times for each card cycle you are going through.