How to Read the Cards

Reading the Cards


In Part One you will learn the meanings of the Cards from Ace to Zero. You will discover the secrets of the suits, colors and elements, You will learn the ancient history of this divination tool. You will learn about Birth Cards and all about yours!

You will understand the cards creation cycle and the mysteries of their numerology. You will learn how to drop-in and do a daily pull to work with the cards daily. You will learn Rhiannon's most trusted go-to card spread.

You will be included in a growing community of other Card Scholars to practice, share, and forge connections.

Classes are a combo of weekly videos, a Course Workbook, and weekly Quizzes to help you learn the card meanings.



Learn to Read the Life Spreads to guide your own path

Reading the Life Spreads


In Part Two you will master the art of reading the Birth Spread, Yearly Life Spreads and 7-Year Cycle Spreads.

You will be able to use these Card Spreads for your own self-mastery and spiritual growth, or to assist others. You will learn by studying your own life path through the spreads. You will be able to decipher the strengths and challenges of a Birth Spread.

You will discover the profound teachings of each card position, the mysteries of the yearly transformation card and how to best utilize every card period in a year.

Each week includes several hours of teachings and downloadable PDF materials to help you learn.



Reading for Others



After completing the course you may chose to receive certification.

This is done by scheduling a certification session with Rhiannon, which is a 60 min one-on-one Zoom session.

In this meeting you will engage in a practice reading to demonstrate your proficiency in all you have learned. You will also have some time to ask Rhiannon any final questions and she will do some energy channeling to initiate you into your practice.  

You will receive an official certification and also have the option to have your website or contact information listed on Rhiannon's website under Certified Students.





"The course was a beautiful blend of information, real life examples, and intuition honing. I appreciate how multifaceted the information is with lots of handouts, videos, and discussion. I feel confident in ability to take this work and use it in my life in meaningful ways."

― Anne, New Mexico

"Rhiannon is a natural born teacher which makes the classes flow like a conversation that you don't want to stop listening to. A ton of info is passed along, but it comes in the form of descriptive imagery that builds on the example before, sort of like a memory tool. And examples from her and the other students, make the course easily digestible and memorable."

― Brooke, San Francisco

"After completing the two courses I began reading for others within weeks. I had all the information and skills I needed. I now charge a full rate and am actively growing my reading bussiness. Not only am I making money doing something I love but learning the cards literally changed my life and I use them every day for myself."

― Jen, Austin


The way in which Rhiannon teaches Cardology can not be found anywhere else. She has studied the cards from several different teachers and systems and distilled these methods down to what she's tested over, and over, again to find what actually works.

She combines the extensive knowledge she's gained from reading cards for hundreds of clients with her own intuitive downloads and channeled wisdom. As a highly attuned vessel for energetic frequencies, she has an intimate understanding of the spiritual and healing nature of the cards and the life spreads.

Rhiannon has studied a wide range of esoteric wisdom, and healing modalaties, and held space in private practice for many years. This direct experience informs the depth and integrity of her teachings.

Rhiannon's teachings are rooted in a non-patriarchal, anti-colonial, social justice, and queer inclusive lens.


Have you longed for a way to dependably connect to your higher guidance, navigate important life decisions, and trust that you are on the right path?

Or perhaps you have the desire to have more sychronicity and magic in your life? Or maybe you feel a higher calling to be of service to others and build a guidance practice, or maybe you're already a seasoned healer, or coach, and are looking for more tools to support your offerings?

The School of Cards and Stars cardology courses are for anyone who is curious about how this ancient divination tool can support their lives and the lives of others.

You can be a newbie to esoteric sciences, a long-time tarot reader, or someone who doesn't even consider themselves intuitive and still learn this system (although everyone is intuitive and using the cards will actually awaken/strengthen these abilities). Left-brainers will love the logical and systematic foundation of the cards and right-brainers will love the magic of them.


In the first half of the course you will begin your journey with cards. You will learn about the cycle of creation that both nature, and our own lives follow, and how numerology guides us through these cycles. You will learn the ancient meanings of the cards and you will never think of a regular deck of playing cards as ordinary again!

In the second half you will dive deeper into the magic of this ancient system by learning to read the Life Spreads. This process will be an incredible exploration into your own life cards as a study guide. You will glean life-changing infomation to help you understand your own path, which will feel like a 6-week long Intuitive Reading for yourself!

Your study will build upon itself and prepare you to use these tools to support those you love and/or your clients.

  Former students have forged thier own professional guidance career using Cardology only months after taking the course. Others have woven this powerful knowledge into their pre-existing healing practices to take their current work with clients to a whole new level.

FALL, 2022
(if waitlist fills up than course will begin sooner)

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