In this 12-Module course you will learn to read the cards and Life Spreads in this System.

You will graduate with all the information, and skills, you need to read for yourself, loved ones, and/or paying clients.

The course is a mix of video lessons, engaging activities, and printable materials for all learning types. Video lessons include visual demos and images. Course content can be accessed through a computer, cell phone or tablet for your convenience. Audio-only versions of the videos are available for the option to listen while driving or walking. There are 12 modules in the course with 2-3 hours of video per module. You may chose to do one module a week, or move at a faster or slower pace, depending on your needs.

You will have access to an online chat group for questions, and connection, with other students. Instructor regularily participates in the chat for question answering.

The course is Evergreen and available for enrollment anytime you like. Once purchased you have Lifetime Access to the lessons.You may move through the modules at your own pace.  



Option A: Just the COTC Course: $444
Option B: The Course + Mentorship : $888

There are 2 scholarships spots offered per year at 50% off. First priority goes to parents of children with disabilities, students with disabilities, and second priorty to BIPOC, LGBTQ, and/or those who have been impacted by systemic inequity.

Please email Rhiannon for a scholarship application.

How to Read the Cards



You will learn everything you need to know to use the Cycles of the Cards System for divination, personal growth, and to help guide others.  

You will learn the esoteric meanings of the 52 Cards. You will understand the suits, the elemental energies, and be attuned to the creation cycle of the cards.

You will learn about Birth Cards and Birth Spreads and all about yours! You will master the art of interpreting a Birth Spread, a Year Spread, a 7-Year Cycle Spread + much more. You will learn to use day cards, in-the-moment-pulls, and the 6-star-spread. You will learn the important years in the cards, layered reading methods, and Rhiannon's own tips & tricks for great readings.

You will learn by studying your own life path, and in doing so gain invaluable wisdom about yourself, and the energies of your present moment and future.

Learn to Read the Life Spreads to guide your own path



The Mentorship Program has limited spots. You will receive the course PLUS 3 one-to-one mentorship sessions with Rhiannon to be scheduled at your convenience for extra support in learning the cards and/or building your business.
In mentorship sessions Rhiannon will read your own Birth Chart and Spreads for personalized examples and guidance. Sessions include specialized teachings and on-to-one space to answer your questions.
Sessions can involve business mentorship if that is the direction you are going in with the cards. Rhiannon will share business tips and specific guidance. She will also walk you through her proven step-by-step methods for succesfully reading for clients.


"I can honestly say learning the cards changed my life. I just don't question myself the same way now that I understand how the cards are guiding me and knowing the energy I am currently in. This alone is a game-changer.

Only months after completing the course I felt confident to read for others. I had all the information and skills I needed. I launched my own side business and now charge a full rate. My business is actively growing and I hope to quit my other job soon. Not only am I making money doing something I love but I also use the cards every day for myself."

― Jen, Oakland


"Rhiannon is a natural born teacher which makes the classes flow like a conversation that you don't want to stop listening to. A ton of info is passed along, but it comes in the form of descriptive imagery that builds on the example before, sort of like a memory tool. And examples from her and the other students, make the course easily digestible and memorable.

I really love this stuff and am so drawn to the cards. I can't wait to add this all to my tool box of offerings when I'm ready."

― Brooke, San Francisco

"The course was a beautiful blend of information, real life examples, and intuition honing. I appreciate how multifaceted the information is with lots of handouts, videos, and discussion. I feel confident in ability to take this work and use it in my life in meaningful ways."

― Anne, New Mexico


Former students have forged their own professional guidance careers and began making income only months after the course finished.

  Some students were already working in the Healing Arts and chose to weave this powerful knowledge into their pre-existing healing practices to take their current work with clients to a whole new amplified level.

Some students have been total newbies to esoteric sciences and were just interested in gaining a dependabe tool to connect to their higher guidance, navigate important life decisions, and trust their path. This tool will support them for life.

You don't even have to consider yourself intuitive to learn this system (although everyone is intuitive and using the cards will actually awaken/strengthen these abilities). Left-brainers will love the logical and systematic foundation of the cards and right-brainers will love the magic of them.


The way in which Rhiannon teaches Cardology is unlike any other teacher out there. She teaches the next level of the system that is aligned with what the collective needs at this time for support and healing.

Rhiannon has extensivly studied the cards from several different models and then distilled the teachings down to what actually works. She has tested the techniques through reading cards for hundreds of clients. She shares her own channeled wisdom that offers an intimate understanding of the spiritual and healing nature of the cards.

Rhiannon has studied a wide range of healing modalaties and held space in private practice for many years. This direct experience informs the depth and integrity of her teachings.

Her teachings are rooted in a non-patriarchal, anti-colonial, social justice, and queer inclusive lens.


Learning the Cards is like learning a secret language and it is invaluable to have others to speak this language with!  

This is where the course online chat forum comes in. Former students have forged lasting connections and friendships in this budding community.

Rhiannon participates regularly in the chat and will respond to your in-the-moment questions that may come up during weekly lessons.

You can remain in the group, and connected to this supportive community, even after the course is finished.


In the first half of the course You will learn about the cycle of creation that both nature, and our own lives follow, and how numerology guides us through these cycles.

You will learn the ancient meanings of the cards and you will never think of a regular deck of playing cards as ordinary again!

In the second half you will dive deeper into the magic of this ancient system by learning to read the Life Spreads. This process will be an incredible exploration into your own life cards as a study guide.

It will feel like a 12 class long Intuitive Reading for yourself!

Your study will build upon itself and prepare you to use these tools to support those you love and/or your clients.


After completing the course you may chose to receive certification.

This is done after approval and demonstration of proficiency to the instructor by booking a paid one-on-one student session. You have one year from completion of the course to request certification.  

Upon certification you will also have the option to have your website, or contact information, listed on Rhiannon's website under Certified Students.



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