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  • Avashta Package clients are my only clients who receive printable PDFs for each of their Avashtas. This includes guidance on the Avashta + very specific affirmations to use for healing. This valuable extra support is reserved for clients working with me over time to heal and shift their Avashtas!
  • In these sessions will learn everything about the condition of your 7 planets in your natal chart. The condition of the planets shows strengths, weaknesses, good and bad habits, early childhood patterning and/or trauma, ect. I will coach you on how each Avashta is effecting your life and how to change the unfulfilling ones. 
  • We will look deeper into the psychological patterns, strengths, and weaknesses in your Avashtas that you came here to work on in this lifetime (many clients tell me that the information they learn is so specific that it could have released them from years of talk therapy had they known earlier the core root of the issue).
  • In the last session we will discuss where/how your chart is guiding you to evolve your consciousness in this lifetime. What is your past-life/ancestral security programing that is limiting and holding your back in this lifetime, and how do you break free of it? 



I specialize in reading Avashtas in the Natal Chart. This is a specific branch of Vedic Astrology that not many Vedic Astrologers are trained in.

Avashtas are the strengths and weaknesses shown by the planets. They show the Karmic Patterns you came to heal and change in this lifetime.

They show both good and bad habits that either create suffering or fulfillment in your life . 

Over a series of 4 sessions I will coach you on the condition of every single planet in your natal chart. You will receive homework after each session on how to heal the Avashtas that are weaknesses.

In our last session I will share with you everything you need to know about Rahu and Ketu which is the path of your consciousness and growth in this lifetime. 

These sessions also factor in timing by weaving in the healing opportunities shown in your Card Cycles.