Readings are centered around your questions and what information the cards and planets need to share with you at this time.

I utilize the following: 

  • Your Vedic Astrology Natal Birth Chart:

This chart shows the sky stamped at the time of your birth. It reveals information about your strengths and weaknesses, particular patterns you came to work on in this lifetime, the path of your spiritual growth and what will expand your consciousness, the career planets that will bring the most fulfillment, early childhood experiences that shaped your adult life, and more.

  • Your Vedic Yearly Varshaphala Chart:
This is called the Solar Return chart in Western Astrology. On your birthday every year the sky is stamped at your time of birth to create this chart. Here you can see your themes for the year. This chart will tell such things as whether the year is supportive for relationships, career and so on. 

  • The Cycles of the Cards Year Spread:
This spread is also calculated on your birthday every year. Here we can see the energy you will be in that shifts every 52 days. We can hone in on what themes, lessons and energies are coming up for you this year. This chart also shows particular openings for inner work and spiritual growth.
  • The Cycles of the Cards Birth Spread:
You will learn your Birth Card in the Cycles of the Cards System and cards in your Birth Spread will be discussed if they are relevant to what you are going through in the present moment. 

  • In-the-Moment Card pulls and Channeled Guidance 

Card pulls will be used in the moment to further illuminate on what is seen in the Astrology Charts and Card Spreads.


**Please note that Vedic Astrology uses the Sidereal Zodiac, which is different than the Tropical Zodiac typically used in the Western Astrology.  



I am highly skilled in reading Avashtas in the Natal Chart. This is a specific branch of Vedic Astrology that is very specialized. 

Avashtas show the karmic patterns you came in with in this lifetime. These patterns are the ways you habitually use the planets in your Natal Chart. You came in with these patterns and your childhood experiences reinforced them. How you use these planets either results in fulfillment or suffering. I coach clients towards greater fulfillment and away from greater suffering.  

I offer a package to coach clients through healing their Avashtas which you can find here. Supplemental PDF's are provided with this coaching package.